DocScotts Electrolytes HYDRATE * RECOVER * ENERGIZE
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05/30/1Great Stuff
Review by Stephen M. on 30 May 2019review stating Great Stuff
Gives me the pick up I need.

George J.

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Awesome Product

Review by George J. on 4 Mar 2020

review stating Awesome Product

I have been using DocScotts Electrolytes for 5 months and I'm excited with the results. To start my day --First thing in the morning i drink 8 oz of electrolytes to jump start my metabolism-instant energy burst! I go to Summerville Y 5-6 times a week and do high intensity aerobics, WERA, Zumba and Aqua Zumba I drink 1/3 of a quart before class and

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 the rest after . I'm able to hang with my instructors the entire class afd after the recovery is quick.

I used to drink Gatorade as my electrolyte replacement. . I got tired of all the sugar! DocScotts has none! Just another plus to use this product.

Please give it a try and you too will be amazed and a new convert .

ustin M.

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Best stuff on the market.

Review by Justin M. on 22 Jul 2020